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Ride Details and Sign-On

One and All is now using the Spond App to notify all members about all our upcoming rides each week.

We encourage all members to use this app to sign-on for any rides they intend to join. This helps us all in many ways: ride leaders can be best prepared;  other riders are encouraged by seeing others intending to ride; it is a great app for providing as much detail as possible about the ride ahead.

All you need to do is to download the app from your android or apple app store or from the Spond website. You will need to create your own Spond account. You can then use the group code: OGRPB to join the One and All Rides group. If you are a registered club member your request will be accepted!

We strongly recommend declining all requests to switch notifications on - you will get plenty and can always switch these on later. We have also found that that synchronising with your calendar is unwise too.

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