Our Sunday rides meet at 9.00am at Stithians Watersports Centre TR16 6NW  

STARTER/LEISURE GROUP: average speed 10-11 mph (16-18km/h), distance 15-20 miles (32-38kms), duration 2 hours, for beginners and leisure cyclists who wish to enjoy the bike ride and are starting to get fit.

GROUP 1: average speed 12-13 mph (20-22km/h), distance 25-30 miles (40-50kms), duration 2-3 hours, For those getting a little stronger but still a broadly social group.

GROUP 2: average speed 13-14 mph (23km/h), distance 30-40 miles (48-65kms), duration 2-3 hours For those taking cycling a little more seriously, with the expectation that you ride in a fairly disciplined group.

GROUP 3: average speed 15-16 mph (24km/h), distance 35-45 miles 60-75kms), duration 3 hours. Starting to get properly serious, tight group riding, with 'through and off' opportunities when appropriate. 

GROUP 4: average speed 16+ mph (27km/h), distance 50+ miles (80kms), duration 3 hours. Regular 'through and off', plenty of carbon and eyeballs out at times!



These other rides start from different venues. Visit Facebook page for more information.  

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Saddle up Saturday ride for beginners and returning cyclists. 2 hours. 10-15 miles max. 7-9mph. Hybrid? Mountain Bike? E-bike? Perfect for our Saddle up Saturday rides. 
Ideal for new and returning cyclists, or those looking to start exercising! Led by experienced and qualified leaders.

Mid Week Morning Ride MMR would be good too. 3 hours and 25 miles with a coffee stop at a social pace around 11-13 mph. Led by experienced and qualified leaders.

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