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Come and Ride with Us

Our weekend group rides are the focus of the club’s activities.

“A great ride. Sun, laughs, great company. Joy” - a few words from a new rider with One and All Cycling, someone who enjoyed riding their bike, but didn’t think a cycling club would be for them; they thought a club would only cater for super-fast racer types. At One and All, we aim to cater for everyone. We can’t always guarantee the sunshine in Cornwall, but our club is all about making cycling as inclusive as possible and having fun on a bike.


We are based at Stithians Watersports Centre, a lovely lakeside location for a post-ride coffee and chat (and the occasional slice of cake). Our aim is to get as many people as possible enjoying the health and social benefits of riding a bike. We mainly cater for adult riders, but we will help young riders as best we can and we can signpost young riders to excellent coaching and training opportunities.

If you are not a member, but interested in trying a ride out with us you would be very welcome.  Just a send a short message to our Membership Secretary - just so we can link you up with right ride for you.

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